Personality & Traits

Story Arc Plots

Yorkshin City Arc

Kurapika & The Phantom Troupe Arc

Greed Island Arc

Chimera Ants Arc

Rescue Gon & Chairman Election Arc

Weapons, Techniques & Nen Abilities


  • Umbrella: Feitan mainly uses it to conceal his actions but what it's really hiding is a concealed sword. The umbrella's hanger also has a switch which allows it to fire the top spike of the umbrella.


Nen Abilities

  • Pain Packer: When Feitan uses this ability, he first materializes a strong armor to form as a shield, then all the battle damage he received is canceled and transformed into aura. The aura is then used for his Rising Sun attack. It has different types and only one is known.
    • Rising Sun: All the battle damage Feitan received is transformed to create an immense sun that scorches everything in its path.